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Make sure this is not you in the future

Lost dive job because of refused threesome

You are a new divemaster or instructor

You have a problem

You have NO damn clue how to figure out if an employer is taking advantage of your inexperience

I truly believe you deserve a great start in the diving industry with an employer who cares!

Jack just landed his first-ever dive job in Southeast Asia.

Watch what he thinks about the video training​ "Secrets to Fair Dive Jobs"

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Why this is very important for you!

(Click the images to show readable size)

These are just a few examples of 1000s of dive pros who have been mistreated, mislead or experienced unfair/unsafe working conditions for them or their students.

There is no association or governing body that protects dive pros like you.

PADI, SSI or the like are training organisations.
Not a workers union.

Most dive pros realise too late if the employer is a foul egg.

I am simply a dive instructor who has gathered all the painful learnings from 138 dive professionals so you can learn from it in one go!

NEW dive pros LOVE this video training already

This video training is for you if you are a​:

divemaster or instructor in training
NEW divemaster in your 1st or 2nd year
NEW dive instructor in your 1st or 2nd year
divemaster/instructor who had troubles landing fair dive jobs and want to learn

Thanks a lot für this short and revealing explainer videos. I wasn´t sure, to handel it, because im not good with computers, but it wasvery easy to handle. I didn´t know how to realise the first steps to find a good Job as divemaster between all these posibilities.

After this course i have a clear idea, what, why, how to figure out if a company is a good and fair employer in the diving busines. I hope more greenhorns like me have the chance to learn all this. it makes a big difference to me.Due to my background from Europe I had no idea where to start with a job search.

Andreas broke down the application process into bitesize pieces for me so it was easy to follow his steps with actual results of three job offers.


New divemaster

Table of Content - Video Sneak Peek

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Chapter 2 - Video Overview

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Chapter 3 - Video Overview

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Chapter Screenshots

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

5 easy steps to your fair dive job

Watch all videos

Use my tips


Select good employer

Have a fun & fair dive career

Let me introduce myself:

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Why I am qualified to teach you The Secrets to Fair Dive Jobs:

At first I was very hesitant to take Andreas' course because I had very little time and I assumed that the dive industry was pretty similar to other industries I worked for.

However I was having difficulty with my job application and having attended one of his seminar I knew that Andreas knew the subject very well. The course was easy to follow and split up so that you learn a new thing every minute you spend watching it.

I learned a lot of things I would not imagine about the dive industry and recommend it to everyone new to it.


New dive instructor

Benefits You Get:

  • Benefit #1
    This is the ONLY video training worldwide where you can walk in as a brand new divemaster/dive instructor and walk out knowing dive job insider knowledge which others take years to learn by themselves.
  • Benefit #2
    You will get to know more sources of information about working conditions and your personal safety. (To figure out the details an employer wouldn't tell you probably)
  • Benefit #3
    You're getting 147 EUR worth of value. (Calculated my experience, time, effort, sweat and tears 😀 ) - For next to nothing
  • Benefit #4
    You will learn how to identify an employer who would take advantage of your inexperience.
  • Benefit #5
    You get 21 short videos (60min total) so you can watch them step by step on a mobile or desktop with internet.
  • Benefit #6
    I am not affiliated with any dive or training association and that's why I can speak out loud what others don't dare saying.
  • Benefit #7
    You don't "buy" the videos from me. You invest a tiny amount in your shortcut to get a solid ground under your feet in the diving industry. Not like me and 1000's of others who had some "near drowning" times.
  • Benefit #8
    You will be able to reduce the chance enormously to put your students or your own health at risk by avoiding the dodgy employers who put profit above safety.
  • Benefit #9
    You will be able to reduce the risk of getting forced to break training standards by avoiding employers who put fast and cheap trainings above educating good and safe divers.
  • Benefit #10
    You will be equipped with the tricks on how avoid getting empty promises from employers, because you will be able to figure out before you start working there if the employer is known for doing what they say or if they are known for false promises to lure in inexperienced divemaster and dive instructor.

Plus FREE Bonuses

7 videos (26min):

  • Bonus #1
    You get to know 21 possible opportunities to gain experience or to earn money in the scuba diving industry. (5 videos)
  • Bonus #2
    You will learn what to expect from working in diving - Most people are not fully aware of what's a big part of working in diving beyond teaching. (1 video)
  • Bonus #3
    You get important tips how you can keep your passion for scuba diving - Most new dive professionals think they will never lose their passion... I asked 138 other dive pros over four to five years and some simple yet important basics help most of them to keep their passion. (1 video)
  • Bonus #4
    30 days money back guarantee - If after 30 days you don't have the feeling that you learned what you can do to avoid a bad employer I will refund your money.

Plus FREE LIVE Question & Answer video

Yes, you read correctly.

One week after you have got my video training I do a live Question & Answer video only for the first 10 people to answer all your questions.

At first I was a bit skeptical about Andy’s experience in the diving industry, there are a lot more experienced people around.

On the other hand he has very good grasp of HR and marketing. HE knows how to translate this into a practical guide on how to deal with the job search in this industry. It is a jungle where many people get lost and give up without help.

He brings up many points in this course that are often forgotten or that seem just too obvious to pay attention to, but bring great advantage in finding that job. Also he brings in techniques which originate from a more corporate environment, which are unknown to many people in diving, and shows how to turn them into a practical tool.

Highly recommended


Experienced dive instructor

How much is it?







1 or 2 beers

The catch:

This course is only available for 10 people at a time.

This is because of the personalized Live video I include as support.

The next opening is not set up yet!

Don't miss this slot!

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Stripe is one of the largest online payment providers in the world.

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6 EURO via

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This website uses https secure website communication.

The encryption standard of the Stripe payment gateway is TLS (former SSL).

I am so confident that my video training will help you that I give you a guarantee.

If after 30 days you don't have the feeling that you learned what you can do to avoid a bad employer I will refund your money.

Do you still have questions?
Read my frequently asked questions below:

(Click on the Questions to Open the Answers)

Yes, they are. All the people who gave a testimonial about this video training are real people and they all have learned from me exactly what I teach in this video training to you.

Good!!! Then this course is even better. What many people don’t realize early enough is the following: Before and throughout your professional diver training your hand will be held by an instructor or an instructor trainer. Once you leave your training centre you are on your own.
That’s when reality hits most of the people. In your Go Pro courses you are told how fantastic you are doing and bla bla. Once you are signed off as dive pro there is no one anymore padding your back.
Nobody tells you all the things you learn in my video training. Literally. There is nothing alike my training in the entire world. Sounds bold. It is, because it is true.

This video training is made for NEW divemaster or dive instructor. It is also made for those who consider becoming a divemaster or dive instructor to have the right expectations.
I truly believe that even experienced dive professionals like you can learn points you had not in mind when you were going for dive jobs in the past.
However, the 100% money back guarantee is valid only for new dive professionals.

If you think you have not learned anything useful in my video training you will get your money back. 100% of what you paid.
Don’t get too excited. I know you are going to learn many important points you didn’t even think of.
Keep in mind, I show you the WHY, HOW and WHAT to do. Only YOU can take action.
This video training is NOT FOR YOU if you are a person who does not execute. To find a really good employer IT TAKES HARD WORK and dedication and you are the only one who can do this work.

This video training is showing you the WHAT and WHY and HOW to figure out if an employer is a fair one so you can have a fun scuba career. I want you to avoid all those painful learnings many of us dive pros were going through. The focus on this video training is to let you identify a fair employer. It also teaches you a whole lot of points useful to figure out before you agree to a dive job.
This video training does NOT teach you:
Where to find dive jobs & How to apply successfully.

This video training is for DOERS. If you DO the work and aren’t satisfied, that’s my fault and I’ll make it right. However, if you sign up and don’t take the action I suggest taking – that’s on YOU.

If I’m being perfectly honest…NO.
Sure, you can figure out on your own what you should know before agreeing to a dive job in a foreign country over time. This will just cost you a few years and dozens of nightmares of experiences to then learn from it and do it better next time. Probably by then you are one of those dive pros who are permanently just above broke and totally frustrated with the diving industry because they had the wrong expectations and zero experience.
I just gathered all the painful learnings my dive buddies and I made and present them in a compact one hour video training to you.

Lifetime. There is not expiration date of your access to the video training.

All together the video training goes for 90 minutes.
The videos teaching you about a fair dive job take around one hour.
The additional FREE bonus videos (showing which kind of dive jobs are out there so you can get a grasp of your future career opportunities) take around twenty minutes.

I appreciate this question. You should thoroughly vet the people you choose to learn from… I encourage you to follow your gut.
Look at the testimonials on this website. The amount of people I’ve helped – genuinely – totally appreciate the amount the learnings they received through my experience.
Do you think I threatened these people into giving me this stuff? No.
I am very good at what I do and I authentically care about people and I love scuba diving. No scams here.

It is very safe. This website uses the security standard of PayPal and Stripe. Both are established payment gateways well known worldwide for their safety.

Send me an email to andreas [at] scubacareer [dot] net. I will send you a personal payment link.

It does not. To execute all the action points I am talking about in this video training all you need is internet and a mobile device or computer. You also NEED YOUR motivation and willingness to work hard for the result of getting a fair dive job.

I go beyond. I am helping individuals to find a fair dive job. I am not a recruiter or head hunter.

As a new instructor I had no clue where to start with trying to find a dive job, so I was keen to take the course and see if it could help me. It was great because it has a good length and it is broken down into decent size chunks.

There was lots of good tips on how to look into dive centers before blindly agreeing to a random dive job. It's worth taking the time to take this course to be safe before relocating to a new dive job, can definitely recommend!


New dive instructor

So now you have two choices.

You can read through all this and do nothing.

In other words, by doing nothing, you’re pushing away your opportunity to get access to your shortcut to fair dive jobs … you’re pushing away the opportunity to get all your questions answered in a secret FB Group after you have watched the complete video training… and you may be pushing away the opportunity to get your first fair dive job.

Or you can be an action taker and go for it.

The time to act is now.

There is no later.

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