Top 5 things a diving couple can do to get dive jobs together

Top 5 things a diving couple can do to get dive jobs together

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Top 5 things a diving couple can do to get dive jobs together

Have you had struggles as a diving couple to land your dream dive job together?

I met many couples in Southeast Asia and Australia and they shared their struggles and how they mastered them.

Here are the top 5 things a diving couple can do to get dive jobs together plus a bonus of websites to find dive jobs.

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1–Read and understand job postings of dive centres

Read the job postings where dive resorts or dive centres specifically are looking for a diving couple. Understand what they are looking for. Yes, I know at the first glance it looks like they are looking for two masters of all trades. Don’t be discouraged.

Put yourself into the shoes of a dive shop. They want to have the best two dive professionals they can possibly get. However, a dive shop knows they won’t get the perfect two managers, dive instructors, engineers and maybe even reservation specialists or boat captains personified in just you two.

I suggest an approach that worked well for me in the past:

Take all skills you found in the different job advertisements. Write them on a sheet of paper and continue with step two.

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2–Diversify your skills

Discuss which of these skills you both have and which ones you can obtain in let’s say six months time. Are there too many both of you could learn? Split it up and one of you learns a bunch of skills and the other one learns the other set of skills.

I know you want a job right now. But guys, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep calm!

When you apply for an employment in a few months express the benefits you will bring into the company if they take you together. Therefore show off how dedicated you are about teaching the skills to each other.

This way the dive shop can understand with you together they will have a diving couple who can mutually replace each other in different roles of the dive shop after a few weeks or months of employment.

Some dive shops look specifically for instructor couples as Cruise Directors on liveaboards.


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3–Write a killer application

Make sure you send a professional application to the dive shops. You really want to blow them away how fantastic you are before they even talk to you. There will be dedicated materials about this but here are some basics.

As a diving couple, send two separated CVs.

The dive school needs to see clearly in which position they can picture each of you in their company. If this is not clear to the company it causes confusion and the hiring person is in doubt before even speaking to you.

Send a professional photo. 

You are the front person of the company. Like the front man of a live band. All customers see your face, your eyes and your smile. How can a dive shop know if you are the right person if the employer can’t see your face and smile properly?

I have seen application photos with people wearing sunglasses, on dive boats with underwear hanging in the background, with hats on. Guys, are you serious?

Just take a simple photo of each you with a

  • genuine smile
  • no hat
  • no sunnies
  • hair out of your face
  • in front of a plain background

It doesn’t even cost you anything. And pleeease no underwater photo. Remember, the dive shop is not your tinder date you need to impress by looking cool with a mask and a regulator in your face.

diving couple holding hand

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Have the most important info on top of your CV.

What is the most important info for i.e. a dive instructor?

  • Full name
  • Local phone number (or with country code), email address
  • Languages you can teach/work with
  • Which dive level do you have? SSI Instr., PADI Instr., DM
  • Availability
  • How many dives and certifications you have done
  • Good to mention you have your full own equipment including compass, lamp, SMB etc.
  • Which passport you hold (Some countries have passport-restrictions for work permits)

These are only the absolute basics. There is much more you can add to a job application to make the dive shop want to talk to you in an interview. This will follow in dedicated materials.

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4–Offer something only you as a diving couple can offer

Point out a few skills only you as a couple will bring into the company.

This can be tailor made to the company for instance. Let’s say the resort you apply for has a lot of couples as guests. By the way, you can find that out on their website or Tripadvisor. Point out that couples enjoy dealing with couples. We all know that from our personal experience right?

If the company you are applying at has lots of couples could also mean they bring their children. I know from an ex-student who now has a kid has troubles finding child care while they both are diving.

If a guest couple trusts the diving couple they would rather give their child for an hour to the partner of their dive instructor than to anyone else. This is a very personal and sensitive moment for parents to give their child into the hands of someone else. The dive resort can offer a paid service to take care of the kids for an hour which brings an extra buck for the company.

Another thing you can point out is that one of you is stronger in social media, reservations and roster planning while the other one brings technical skills like servicing regulators, dive compressors (a rare skill in the industry by the way) and scuba tanks. As a couple, you could cover pretty much all needs for a dive shop or a liveaboard.


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5–Go the extra mile when you look for dive jobs

Go out and talk to dive shop owners, to managers of liveaboards etc.. Ask them why they hire a diving couple. Ask the others why they don’t hire couples. Reach out to couples who are working together and ask them how they got their jobs. Ask them which companies hired them in the past to get an idea which companies to contact.

I suggest personal contacts over emails if possible. Via email, you probably won’t get a quality answer that helps you. Show up in person. This will show you are dedicated and you are a doer. I know this is only possible if you are in the area. Otherwise personal contacts, emails or social media is the way to go.

Bonus of this article

Job boards for couples:

At, you can choose from a drop down menu for the keyword “PADI Instructor Couple

  • google search with keywords

couple dive instructor” or other search terms

Keep looking if a new job offer pops up.

diving couple - she on toesTakeaway

My couple friends got nice jobs they loved. One of their pieces of advice was that the effort you put into your application,  your skillset and your attitude is what you generally get back. This counts for couples as well as singles.

I really hope this article helps you to find dive jobs with great dive shops.

Write your expertise, experience, and questions in the comments.


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Andreas is a dive instructor and writer. In the scuba industry, he has been working as marketing manager, cruise director, instructor, retail seller and dive guide. Recent years he worked in Indonesia, Australia and Thailand. Now he enjoys listening to the questions and struggles of dive professionals to share his expertise.

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  • Sabine

    Hey, thank you so much for this article! I never thought about actually talking to the dive shops concerning this. Thank you so much for the tips!

    • Andreas

      Thank you Sabine,

      great you have a useful takeaway.
      Yes, talking and especially asking dive centres helps to understand their needs. This way you know which skills you need to develop and how to adjust your job application.
      Best of success for you.

      May the air be with you ?

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