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I help NEW recreational dive professionals landing a fair dive job

3 keys to your first dive job cover

With these 3 action points you will land your first dive jobs guaranteed!


Your first step to some wicked dive jobs!
(I will help you with the next steps too)

Scubacareer.net is for you if you are a

divemaster or instructor in training
NEW divemaster in your 1st or 2nd year
NEW dive instructor in your 1st or 2nd year
divemaster/instructor who had troubles landing fair dive jobs and want to learn
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How I can help you:

Identify & avoid an exploiting employer

Create your own outstanding diver CV

Personal CV advice 1-on-1 via Skype

Application secrets beyond your CV

I combine tricks to land a job from other industries with my experience as dive instructor.

Your Advantage Working With Me

I created Scubacareer after I noticed there was a real need for keen but often inexperienced dive pros to stand out from the noise.

Meet people I worked with:

Andreas helped me not only to apply for my first dive job, I also managed to avoid one employer who is known to take advantage of newbies like me.
At the end I had even a couple of job offers and I chose the best.

I can recommend Andreas without reservation, his experience in the industry is evident and he cares passionately about helping greenhorns like me!


New dive instructor

My Course Director recommended Andreas because he transfers professional application tricks into the diving industry.
Due to my background from Europe I had no idea where to start with a job search.

Andreas broke down the application process into bitesize pieces for me so it was easy to follow his steps with actual results of three job offers.


New dive instructor

Why I run Scubacareer.

Because I care!

Because it is incredibly amazing to receive messages like this:

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Meet Andreas


I am not a recruiter, head hunter or HR agency.

I am as unique as the diving industry itself.


Scubacareer helps recreational scuba diving professionals landing a fair dive job worldwide by sharing clever (and often unknown) tricks to stand out between over 100.000 competing job applicants plus I show how to avoid employers who exploit inexperienced dive pros.

My Live seminars in dive centres:


Scubacareer will be the best provider of successful job application skills for all recreational scuba diving professionals to discover their strengths and skillsets they need to acquire and show to find and land their dream jobs.

This is not a job board, or job site and I have no job listings.

But I show you how to stand out between over 100.000 other dive professionals hunting the same dream job like you.


Send me your question via this contact form.

I will come back to you shortly.

Or send me an email to

andreas [at] scubacareer [dot] net

Scubacareer.net is the #1 career accelerator for

PADI IDC candidates 
SSI Open Water Instructor 
SDI Divemaster 
CMAS 3 star diver
and other NEW recreational dive professionals

I take your privacy seriously. I will never rent or sell your information.
This chance will be gone!
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